yaw apparel team

Our Vision at Yoga & Activewear (YAW) Apparel is to support women and men in active lifestyles. We have covered the clothing and equipment side of things and are building more awareness around fitness and a balanced lifestyle. Currently, there are a lot of women and men totally overworked and without much time to take proper care of their fitness. By promoting a healthier lifestyle through social and blogs, we are raising awareness about the importance of balancing work and play. Of course, we do this through our range as well, connecting people to the latest activewear trends at wholesale prices. We have built relationships with suppliers all over the world to bring unique brands and comfortable clothing directly to consumers. As such, we can provide some of the most competitive prices for the latest apparel. 

All of us are focused on the core values of healthy living, fitness and sustainability. This has brought us together and helps guide YAW.